Alternative Seating Options for Styling your Space

As an apartment hopper in Chicago, I haven’t been blessed with the largest spaces to work with, so I’ve had to get creative with my seating options! When planning seating arrangements (specifically in the living room) we tend to think of sofas & loveseats. However not all spaces can accommodate such large pieces, nor do those pieces work in every room! There are so many factors to consider when choosing seating including balance of the room, traffic flow, the focal point, the list goes on! Luckily there are so many great seating alternatives to your standard sofa & loveseat, and most of them can work in any room! Below is a list of some great alternatives, and I’ve linked some of my favorite pieces. Enjoy!

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Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are great because they add extra seating and don’t have a large footprint. They are also a great way to add personality, color and style to any room! They can be used at the end of your bed, near a window, across from a sofa, or positioned around an ottoman to create a conversation area.

chairs canva.png


Benches are so versatile and can be used in almost any room of your home! You can place a bench at the foot of your bed for an easy spot to throw on some socks, or in your entryway to provide guests with a spot to put on their shoes. A lot of benches have storage inside, which can be great for tucking away blankets or storing kids’ toys.

bench canva.png

Chaise Lounge/Daybed/Settee

A chaise, daybed or settee is a great alternative to a sofa, especially if you have a small space. They provide extra seating without breaking up a room, allowing you to create various furniture arrangements. They can act as a room divider without taking up too much visual space, which helps the room flow nicely. These pieces offer a cozy place to sit back and relax!

chaise canva.png

Ottomans & Stools

Stools & ottomans are even more versatile than benches due to their small size. I love tucking these under console tables and pulling them out when extra seating is needed. You can also utilize ottomans and stools when you need to balance a room, but don’t have the space for a larger piece.

stools canva.png

Floor Poufs & Pillows

Floor poufs add a really fun element to rooms. When you see one, you just want to plop down on it! Since they’re small like stools & ottomans, you can easily move them around and use them in various rooms!

poufs canva.png

Ok, I know that was a lot! I hope you found this helpful - please let me know if you have any questions about seating options and arrangements! And don't forget to subscribe below for more tips & tricks like this! Have a wonderful day! <3